Snow Plan

Snow removal on public streets is one of the Morgantown Public Works Division's primary responsibilities and one they take very seriously. The Public Works Division has developed a comprehensive snow plan outlining the streets that will be cleared and maintained. The snow plan is intended to organize snow-removal operations and keep traffic moving.

Priority One

Major arterials and high traffic collector streets.

Priorities Two and Three

Secondary, or low volume roads, and then tertiary roads and dead-end streets

A picture of a snow plow.

Snow Plan Operation

Morgantown Public Works snow removal crews have a scheduled response to inclement winter weather. Crews begin treating priority one streets prior to any expected snowfall. They begin plowing when snow begins to accumulate on the pavement. After the priority one streets have been cleared, crews move on to priority two and three streets.

Crews continue to work around the clock until the snowfall has stopped and all priority streets are plowed and treated to an acceptable level. If snow removal crews receive a call from MECCA 911 for assistance, that takes immediate priority and takes at least one of the plow trucks off its normal route, which can negatively affect response time. 

A Morgantown Public Works Salt Truck spreading salt.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

The City of Morgantown has regulations for residents and property owners to keep sidewalks and driveways clear of snow and ice to ensure the safety of all pedestrians in our community. Residents and businesses are responsible for clearing all snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their property -- they have 24 hours after a storm ends to clear sidewalks. Please pile the snow on your yard, not in the street.

The City clears snow from sidewalks in various areas throughout the city. If it is more than 24 hours after a storm ends and a sidewalk has still not been cleared, you can report it by visiting our Citizen Request Tracker. If you are physically unable to clear your sidewalk and have no neighbor, family, or friend that can help you, please contact the Morgantown Code Enforcement Department at 304-284-7401 for assistance.

Tips for Clearing Your Driveway

Abiding by the following guidelines will help make the snow removal process easier, safer, and more effective for all:
  • Snow should be plowed or shoveled to the right side of the driveway as you are facing the intersecting roadway. By being plowed away from the direction of oncoming snowplows, this action will prevent the bulk of the snow from being pushed back into the driveway.
  • Eliminate snow piles at the driveway entrance, whenever possible. High accumulations of snow will obstruct the vision of motorists when exiting from the driveway and hinder the ability of oncoming motorists to see you pulling out of the driveway, creating another potential for accidents.
  • Do not push snow out onto roads at anytime. This creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles.

Driveway Plowing Policies

Map of City Maintained Streets

The map below shows which streets the City of Morgantown is responsible for maintaining.