Snow and Ice Control

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Residents and businesses are responsible for clearing all snow from their sidewalks -- they have 24 hours after a storm ends to clear sidewalks. Please pile the snow on your yard, not in the street. If you are elderly or disabled and are in need of assistance to clear your sidewalk, please contact the Morgantown Code Enforcement Department at 304-284-7401.

The City clears snow from more than 50 miles of sidewalks throughout Morgantown. If it is more than 24 hours after a snow event and a sidewalk has still not been cleared, you can report it by visiting Citizen Request Tracker.

Snow Removal Plan

Snow removal from city streets is one of the Morgantown Public Works Department's most important responsibilities. They have a comprehensive snow removal plan that details which roads will be cleared and maintained during winter storms. The snow plan is intended to organize snow-removal operations and keep traffic moving throughout the city.

Priority One
Arterials and Major Connectors

Priority Two
Minor Connector Streets

Priority Three
Secondary Roads

**During inclement weather, the Public Works Department responds immediately to emergency requests from MECCA 911. These requests can take snow plows off of their routine snow removal routes and may delay the clearing of some streets.** 

Snow Plan Operation

When the forecast allows, City crews begin salting before it begins to snow. The crews begin plowing and salting priority one streets when snow begins to accumulate on the pavement. After the priority one streets have been adequately cleared, crews move to priority two and three streets.

City crews work around the clock until the snowfall has stopped and all priority streets have been plowed to an acceptable level.

Even with plowing and salting, snow and ice can create hazardous driving conditions. Drivers should use caution when driving on untreated roads. Remember...where there's ice and snow, take it slow.

Map of City Streets

The map below shows which streets the City of Morgantown is responsible for maintaining.