1. City Council

    The City Council acts as the legislative body in establishing policy and law.

  2. Boards

    Browse through a list of boards to find meeting information, agendas and minutes, a list of members, and about each committee.

  3. Commissions

    Browse through a list of commission to find meeting information, agendas and minutes, a list of members, and about each committee.

  4. Agendas & Minutes

    Easily find and search for agendas and minutes from various board, commissions, and committees.

  5. Boards & Commissions Meeting Information

  6. Authorities

    View a list of the authorities in Morgantown and a brief description about each.

  7. Advisory Boards

    Learn about the Bicycle Board, Green Team, Town and Gown Advisory Board, and Pedestrian Safety Board.

  8. Task Forces

    The City of Morgantown has the 2 task forces: Hoarding and Homelessness Task Force.

  9. City Code

    Read the City of Morgantown Municipal Code

  10. Departments

    Here you will find a list of departments for the City of Morgantown with a brief description of each department's responsibilities and services.

  11. City Project Updates

    The city is currently working on the University Avenue and 3rd Street Intersection Project.

  12. City Reports / Plans

    This page will be updated with all reports and plans created by or approved by the City of Morgantown.

  13. Employment Opportunities

    Browse job openings, download an application, or email your resume.

  14. Airport

    Visit the Morgantown Municipal Airport website to book a flight, use our cost calculator, find rental space, advertise, contact us, find directions, and read our blog.

  15. Home Rule

    Read through public hearing documents for amendments to the home rule.

  16. Safe Streets & Safe Community

    The goal of the Safe Streets and Safe Community Service Fee is to improve the safety of the City by better maintaining City streets and improving the level of police protection in residential areas, business districts and throughout the City.

  17. Staff Directory

    Search through contact information for all organization staff and departments.

  18. Streaming Public Meeting Videos

    To view our streaming public meeting videos on our Granicus website.

  19. Maps

    View the following maps: Ward and Boundary Interactive Map, Morgantown Zoning Map, and West Virginia 511.