Fire Department

Department Overview

The Morgantown Fire Department is comprised of 61 sworn members and one civilian Administrative Assistant. The Administrative side of the department consists of the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal and Operations Captain.

Operations Division

The Operations Division consists of 54 personnel and is responsible for all aspects of emergency response. The Operations Division is divided into three crews, each comprised of eighteen firefighters, three lieutenants and a division captain.

Training Division

The Training Division is under the direction of the department's Operations Captain. This division is responsible for training of all departmental personnel. They are an active partner with West Virginia University Fire Service Extension, RESA 7, the West Virginia State Apprenticeship Training Board and other groups dedicated to fire training.

Fire Marshal's Division

The Fire Marshal's Division consists of the Fire Marshal and three deputy fire marshals, who are responsible for:
  • Inspection of buildings for compliance with local and state fire codes
  • Review of building plans, working with contractors and business owners in the areas of fire and life safety
  • Handling complaints and investigations concerning life safety violations
  • Enforcement of occupancy limits
  • Investigating the cause and origin of fires within the City
  • Conducting criminal investigations of fires determined to be arson
  • Public education services conducted by the Fire Prevention Coordinator


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Fire Fees

Service/Permit/Approval Fee
Fire and Life Safety Plan Review $1 x (each $1,000 of construction value up to $1 million) plus $0.80 x (each $1,000 of construction value above $1 million)
Sprinkler Plans 1-200....$85
>750....$120 + $0.10 each (over 750)
Fire Alarm Plans $50 per 10,000 sq ft
Range Hood Systems $25 per system
FM 200 $100 per system
Aircraft Refueling Operation Permit $250 annually
Aircraft Fueling Vehicle Permit $100 per vehicle annually
Asbestos Removal Permit $100 (in addition to building permit)
Automotive Fuel Service Station Permit $100 per location annually
Carnival, Fair, Festivals Permit $100
Special Outdoor Event Permit $100
Exhibit and Trade Show Permit $100 per event
LP Gas Storage and Dispensing Permit $100 annually
Hazardous Material Permit $250 annually
Temporary Tents and Structures $25 per tent
Place of Assembly Permit - Based on Occupancy (excludes churches/place of worship) 300 or less....$50 annually
301-999....$75 annually
>1000....$100 annually
Commercial Business Inspection $50

*Commercial Business Inspection fee effective only upon adoption of plan for regular business inspection.
Apartments and Other Residential Structures $50 for 12 units or less plus $50 for each additional 12 units

*Apartment/Residential Inspection fee effective only upon adoption of plan for regular inspections.
Fire Alarm Acceptance Test
Sprinkler Alarm Acceptance Test $50
Range Hood AES Test $25
FM 200 $25
Construction Site Inspection $50
Certificate of Occupancy Inspection $50
More Than One Follow Up Inspection $50
More Than One Site Inspection $50
Explosives/Fireworks Permit Review $50
Explosives/Fireworks Permit Inspection $50
No-Show Scheduled Inspection
Occupant Capacity Measurement $50

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