Paving Plan

The annual paving plan is funded through the Safe Streets & Safe Community Fee, also known as the Municipal Service Fee. It has allowed the city to greatly improve the maintenance and upkeep of city streets. The Safe Streets and Safe Community Service Fee is $3.00 each week for those working within city limits and $1.20 of that $3 weekly fee goes toward public right-of-way improvements, which includes paving and ADA improvements to sidewalks. 

Before the fee, the city budgeted $5,268,123 for 15 years of street maintenance. That's an average of $292,673.50 per year. If street paving continued to be funded at this rate it would take 112 years to resurface city roads. The Safe Streets & Safe Communities Fee has enabled the city to budget roughly $1.8 million per year for road resurfacing. In addition to resurfacing, improvements also include public right-of-ways (widening streets, improving street function and improving public alleys.). Since 2016, when the fee was implemented, the Engineering & Public Works Department has paved over 40 miles of city streets and installed over 500 ADA improvements to city sidewalks.

Street Resurfacing

The Engineering & Public Works Department resurfaces several miles of Morgantown streets each year. Resurfacing is scheduled five years in advance through a carefully organized selection process. The plan is revisited every three years and adjusted as needed.

The Selection Process

The selection process involves input from several different sources. Citizen input, City staff recommendations, as well as an evaluation / rating system maintained by the Engineering & Public Works Department. All of these contribute to the selection of streets to be resurfaced in the multi-year paving plan.

The Evaluation / Rating System

The City of Morgantown works with an outside contractor, Dynatest, which specializes in roadway pavement distress surveys and analysis. Using a mix of personnel and cutting-edge technology, Dynatest develops a detailed evaluation and rating system of the city streets. Specialized vehicles provide high-resolution imagery of the pavement and test the roads for roughness and rutting. This work allows the Engineering & Public Works Department to develop a more detailed, efficient, and cost effective multi-year resurfacing plan.

Required Paving 

Streets that require paving but cannot be added to the current year's list due to budget constraints get priority on the next year's list. If you wish to make a recommendation for a street to be placed on the list, please contact the Engineering & Public Works Department at 304-284-7412.
2022 Paving Plan 
  1. 2nd Street from McLane to University
  2. Afton Street from Grove to Willowdale
  3. Anderson Avenue from Dogwood to Longdon
  4. Augusta Avenue from Vandalia to Kermit
  5. Brockway Avenue from S. Walnut to Maryland
  6. Callen Avenue from Mississippi to Don Knotts
  7. Cayton Street from Cornell to Dead End
  8. Center Street from Highland to Willowdale
  9. Denver Avenue from Elkins to Putnam
  10. Dogwood Avenue from Anderson to Killarney
  11. Eureka Drive from Center to Virginia
  12. Fairlawns Avenue from Parkview to Laurel
  13. Grandview Avenue from Grand to King
  14. Grant Avenue from 3rd to Campus
  15. Highland Avenue from Melrose to Center
  16. Hillcrest Street from Sabraton to Hyatt
  17. Hillview Drive from Western to Collins Ferry
  18. Hoffman Avenue from Stewart to McCullough
  19. Hough Street from University to Beechurst
  20. Johns Street from Carnegie to Dead End
  21. Keyser Avenue from VanGilder to Braddock
  22. Kiwanis Avenue from Jr to Rotary
  23. Krepps Avenue from Elmhurst to Baldwin
  24. Lawnview Drive from Dead End to Collins Ferry
  25. Lions Avenue from Rotary to Pocahontas
  26. Lloyd Avenue from Diamond to Skemp
  27. Longdon Street from Lashley to Killarney
  28. Marvin Street from Diamond to Dead End
  29. Maryland Street from Brockway to Cobun
  30. McCullough Street from Willowdale to Hoffman
  31. McLane Avenue from 3rd to 6th
  32. Melrose Street from Afton to Highland
  33. Mineral Avenue from Denver to Richwood
  34. Monongalia Avenue from Willey to Richwood
  35. Morgan Street from Eureka to Willowdale
  36. Negley Street from Diamond to Puriton
  37. Oxford Place from Kenmore to Mulberry
  38. Parkview Drive from Fairlawns to Dead End
  39. Parkway Drive from Dorsey to Dead End
  40. Pennsylvania Avenue from Kingwood to Dead End
  41. Pietro Street from Pennsylvania to Deckers
  42. Prospect Street from University to Willey
  43. Puriton Street from Negley to Wilmerding
  44. Racine Street from Diamond to Dead End
  45. Raymond Street from Highland to Wellen
  46. Revere Street from Cornell to Dead End
  47. Rotary Street from Lions to Parkview
  48. Sabraton Avenue from Hardee's to Dug Hill Bridge
  49. Springfield Avenue from Diamond to Carnegie
  50. Vandalia Road from White to Augusta
  51. VanGilder Avenue from Stewart to Liberty
  52. Webster Avenue from Sheldon to Grand
  53. Western Avenue from Lawnview to Aspen
  54. Wilmerding Street from Skemp to Puriton

Map of City Streets

The map below shows which streets the City of Morgantown is responsible for maintaining. Click the icon on the top left of the map to view the legend.

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