The City of Morgantown operates under a City Manager form of government. The City has several departments, a few of which have been reorganized in the last few years. Please reference the flowchart for current city government organization.
Organizational Chart
  1. City Attorney

    View a list of City Attorney responsibilities, and contact information for our staff.

  2. City Clerk

    The City Clerk is the record keeper of council meetings and the minutes, ordinances, deeds, resolutions and history of the City.

  3. City Manager

    The City Manager is responsible for carrying out policy enacted by the Council, overseeing the administration of the City, and maintaining inter-governmental relationships.

  4. Code Enforcement

    The main concern of the Code Enforcement Department is to ensure buildings and rental units are safe for occupation.

  5. Communications

    The Office of Public Communications is an Integrated Marketing and Communications-based department responsible for ensuring that City Council, program and event information is efficiently conveyed to the residents of the City of Morgantown.

  6. Development Services

    The Development Services Department is responsible for assisting clients through the development process as well as administering the City’s federal Community Development Block Grant (C.D.B.G.) program.

  7. Engineering

    To enhance the quality of life, ensure public safety, and further mobility for all peoples by designing, advancing, and managing the City’s public works infrastructure, resources, and related support services for today’s expectations and tomorrow’s needs through efficient, innovative, and professional service delivery.

  8. Finance

    The principal focus of the Finance Department staff is to render professional and courteous service to the citizens and businesses of Morgantown.

  9. Fire Department

    The Fire Department is comprised of an Administrative Division, Operations Division, Training Division, and Fire Marshal's Division.

  10. Human Resources

    The City of Morgantown Human Resources Office manages the process of hiring new employees, medical and dental insurance forms, as well as working with all employees on questions related to all employee benefits.

  11. Municipal Court

    Learn about making payments to the Municipal Court, moving violations-traffic citations, parking citations, misdemeanor / criminal citations, and accidents.

  12. Police Department

    We, the members of the Morgantown Police Department, working with all people, are dedicated to providing outstanding services with integrity, respect and fairness, while providing a safe environment.

  13. Public Works / Streets

    Browse through the department goals, a list of city streets, maintenance and paving, potholes, winter plowing, shoveling driveway tip, removing ice and snow from sidewalks, street signs, and adopt-a-street program.

  14. Urban Landscapes

    View the 2017 project site list.