Morgantown Healthy Streets

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Morgantown Engineering Department has partnered with the Traffic Commission and the Bike and Pedestrian Boards to create places where citizens can safely recreate while practicing social distancing. Called "Healthy Streets", residents can use these low-traffic areas to walk, run, wheelchair roll, roller-skate, or bike. "Healthy Streets" are achieved by creating soft-closures of select low-traffic streets and maintaining access only for residents, deliveries and emergency personnel.
A road sign for the Morgantown Healthy Streets Initiative.

Current Healthy Streets

The first Healthy Street soft closure will begin on July 15 on a portion of Wagner Road from Simpson Street to Dorsey Avenue. Using speed classifiers and trail cameras, city engineers will collect data by measuring traffic volume in the area surrounding the closed streets. View a map of the portion of Wagner Road that will be affected here.

Future Healthy Streets

Community feedback, engineering judgement, and input from the Traffic Commission and Ped/Bike Safety Boards will guide the city in developing Healthy Streets that meet the needs of all residents. See the below map for information on proposed routes under consideration.

Get Involved

The city welcomes general feedback form the community on the initiative, suggestions for additional Healthy Streets or changes to existing routes. Comments can be sent via email to

The city also seeks volunteers to be Healthy Street Captains. These volunteers will serve as neighborhood leaders, helping to monitor the streets and reporting any concerns or conflicts that might arise. They may also help the city collect observational data. Learn more about what it means to be a Block Captain by watching the video below then complete the Block Captain application form here.

 Healthy Streets Map

​Frequently Asked Questions

​Q: How will getting to my home or business work? Can I have guests or deliveries?

A: Local traffic for residents, guests and deliveries will be maintained. If necessary, signage will direct vehicles to an alternate route.

Q: How will emergency vehicles get to my home or business?

A: Emergency access will be maintained at all times.

Q: How were these streets selected?

A: The city works with neighborhoods to identify low-traffic, low-stress streets that can be further calmed using temporary traffic controls.

Q: How will this be enforced?

A: City staff will monitor the routes and place barricades and signage at the end of each street closed to through traffic. Block Captains will assist with monitoring the routes.

Q: How long will Morgantown Healthy Streets be enforced?

A: The initiative is temporary but indefinite. The city will monitor conditions and feedback to adjust the initiative as necessary.

Q: Can I still park on the street?

A: Yes. On-street parking will be maintained where previously allowed.