Key City of Morgantown initiatives include Homeless and Addiction Strategy, Pedestrian Safety, and Comprehensive Plan.

Morgantown's Homeless and Addiction Strategy

Morgantown City Council created a special committee to gather information from stakeholders regarding homelessness, addiction and how the city can help improve services. This session is the beginning of an approach by council and city administration to find long-term, meaningful solutions to the issues impacting downtown Morgantown.

Pedestrian Safety Initiative

In 2018, the City of Morgantown, Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization, West Virginia Division of Highways, Federal Highway Administration, and West Virginia University formed a partnership focused on improving pedestrian safety in and around Morgantown. The group created the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan which includes both short- and long-term goals for improving pedestrian and driver safety. As part of the short-term goals, the partners implemented some safety improvements at three key intersections across Morgantown which experience high pedestrian/vehicle interaction. 

Morgantown 2033

Morgantown 2033 is the update to The City of Morgantown's 2013 Comprehensive Plan—Morgantown's "blueprint" for the future. Community participation and stakeholder input are paramount in order to ensure that the updated plan envisions the full range of our community’s needs and values. Morgantown 2033 is the vision of what a community wants to become and the steps needed to realize that vision. The plan is used to guide decision-making on long-term physical, social and economic development of the city. Learn more