RFPs / RFQs / Bids


The City uses a competitive bidding process for public improvement projects and purchases projected to cost more than $25,000.  Contracts on the bids are awarded to the lowest qualified responsible bidder.  Notice of available bids is published as a legal advertisement in a local newspaper.

Lowest Responsible Bidder

"Lowest responsible bidder" means the lowest bidder whose offer best responds in quality, fitness and capacity to the requirement of the proposed supply or service. Such factors as delivery time, quality, compatibility, references, experiences, parts and services, freight cost, etc., may play an important role in awarding a bid the "lowest responsible bidder."

Responsive Bid

A "responsive" bid is one that is in substantial conformance with the requirements of the specifications, the invitation to bid and the City's contractual terms and conditions. This would also include such things as completeness of the quotation, forms, inclusion of references and attachments and completion of required responses.

RFP & Biding Process

Request for proposal (RFP) and request for qualifications (RFQ) are used on an as needed basis. They city uses
RFPs and RFQs to find qualified service providers. Open RFPs and RFQs are available at the Find RFP link below.

Find RFP

The City uses Find RFP, an e-Purchasing online system. This system brings together an extensive database of vendors and government agencies which improves our service to you.