City Blog - The Morgantown Journey

Welcome to the Morgantown Journey! 

This blog is intended to showcase and celebrate everything that makes Morgantown great!

The blog has three unique sections that focus on various topics. Below are the specific sections and the range of topics they cover. Click on the blog title to view all of the blog articles assigned to that topic. 

Blog topics and submissions are open to all city departments, businesses, and people of Morgantown! Anyone can submit a blog idea or created content and have it showcased in the appropriate section. All submissions will be reviewed and selected by our Director of Marketing and Communications, Drew A. Bailey. Submissions can be sent to

The Morgantown Employee

Spotlights, Worklife, Achievements

The Morgantown Endeavor

City Projects, Sustainability, Improvements

The Morgantown Experience

Food, Entertainment, Lifestyle