Join an internship program focused on you!

Here at the City of Morgantown, we don’t believe in making interns do busy work or menial tasks. We’re not just another awesome line on your resume, although we do make your resume look better. Our internships are a chance to apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. This is more than just an internship; you will have the opportunity to truly make an impact on this community and all the people around you.

We are not looking to hire based on past experience. Instead, we are more focused on your character, attitude, and desire to learn. We believe internships are meant to give you experience and help prepare you for your future career. If you’re ready to learn, grow, and be part of an awesome team, then keep on reading!


Flexible schedule

You can expect to work 5 -10 hrs per week. When and how you work those hours are up to you. We know you are busy, and finding time can be tricky. That is why we offer a customizable schedule based on your needs. 

Do great work and get paid for it

No matter which internship you choose, we are focused on giving you the tools and training you need to do great work. We value the work you do for us and think you deserve to be compensated for it. All internships are paid, starting at $13 per hour.

Receive valuable mentorship

Every intern is assigned a mentor in addition to their manager. Your mentor is there to help you every step of your internship to ensure you develop the skills you’re looking for and get the experience you need.

We currently have three internship opportunities. Although each internship has a specific focus, we want this internship to center around your interests, so don’t worry if you can’t decide on just one. If you're passionate about doing your best work, making a difference, and having fun doing it, apply to one of the following positions!

Available Internships for March 13th-May 1st Session

Public Relations/Journalism 

This PR/Journalism internship will serve a key role in assisting in public relations/ journalism projects, including crafting communications in press releases, articles, PR campaigns, etc. You will also learn how to establish relationships with the news, media, and government officials. This position works with our team to strategize, organize, and execute campaigns to meet the city’s needs. If you have a knack for writing and telling a good story, then this is the position for you!

Marketing Strategy

This Marketing Strategy internship will serve a key role in developing strategies that humanize the brands of the organizations/companies throughout the city. You will learn how to position an organization, develop its voice, and create messages and tactics to boost its brand. This position works with our team to strategize, organize, and execute campaigns to meet the city’s needs. If you love strategy and creating campaigns for a variety of organizations, then this position is for you!

Photography and Social Media 

This Photography and Social Media internship will serve a key role in assisting several organizations throughout the city to build an online presence and brand. You will work closely with the many departments and organizations throughout the city, including The MET, Ruby Amphitheater, MPD, MFD, and many more. This position works with our team to strategize, organize, and execute campaigns to meet the city’s needs. If you have a passion for photography and love to showcase the good in our community, then this is the position for you!

How to apply

Please email with the following:
  • Name, School Year, and Major 
  • Which Internship you are interested in (or if you are interested in multiple, then list which skills you are interested in developing)
  • One interesting/fun fact about yourself
  • Current Resume
  • A link to some type of professional resource ex. LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Personal Website, etc. (If you do not have any of these, then hop on LinkedIn and get a profile created)
  • 2 Min video - In this video, tell us why you want to do this internship and what you hope to learn/ skills you want to develop.
  • We are not judging your video-making or presentation skills. This is just a way to help us put a name with a face and get a feel for who you are. Hopefully, this will help reduce any anxiety about doing a first interview. You can make as many attempts as you want before you send over your final video.

Hiring Process

The application screening process will open on January 19th and will close on the 30th. We will then select finalists to participate in an in-person interview with the Director of Communications, Drew A. Bailey. A second interview may be required (but we hope to keep it to just one). All those not selected will receive an email by the 30th.

Interviews for the finalists will go from the 30th of January to the 5th of February. Final decisions will be made, and offers will be extended by February 15th. Before starting, each candidate must pass a background check in order to proceed. The target start date is March 13th. This internship will go from March 13th until May 1st.

The City of Morgantown is an Equal Opportunity Employer.