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Poll Worker Registration 2023

  1. (For Finance Purposes)
  2. Enter your physical address. Please do not enter a PO Box.
  3. Are You a United States Citizen?*
  4. Do You Live in Monongalia County?*
  5. Are You a Registered Voter?*
  6. Have You Ever Served as a Poll Worker?*
  7. Are You Available to Work on Election Day, April 25, 2023?*
  8. Are You Available to Work During The Early Voting Period From April 12-22, 2023?*
  9. Are You Comfortable Using Desktop and Mobile Technology?*
  10. Do You Speak a Language Other than English?*
  11. Do You Have Transportation?*
  12. Are You Available to Attend the Mandatory Training?*
  13. Are You Available to Begin Work at 5:30 a.m. and Work 14+ Hours, if Necessary, on Election Day?*
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