Homeless and Addiction Strategy

This webpage serves as the repository for information related to the City of Morgantown's Homeless and Addiction Strategy. On this page, you will find information on what steps the city is currently taking, how to submit your input, and additional resources. 

Current Action

In 2020, Morgantown City Council created a special committee on Addressing Unsheltered Homelessness. The committee is chaired by the Mayor. The purpose of this committee is to coordinate and work with stakeholders to improve the services to Morgantown's homeless population. The committee is also meant to help council identify ways in which the city can help its homeless and businesses. The special committee does not currently have a regular meeting schedule. They are however currently meeting in small work groups focused on specific action items. The meetings are broadcast on Morgantown 15 and live streamed on our website. You can sign up here to receive notifications when agendas are posted for upcoming meetings. You can view upcoming public meetings on the city calendar here.


Community Input

The problem of homelessness, addiction, and lack of affordable housing is shared by everyone and every agency in the community: government, private business, schools, social service agencies, private citizens…. no one agency is responsible. Ending homelessness is a collective responsibility. This includes those experiencing homelessness taking personal ownership and accountability in ending their homelessness. 

City Council and city administration welcome community input on this important issue. Please send your comments to info@morgantownwv.gov.