2018-2022 Paving Plan

2019 Paving Plan 
Below is the proposed list of streets that were paved as part of the 2019 Paving Project. The Engineering Department estimates this to be a $1.8 million project. The majority of this year’s list was developed using the roadway condition assessment provided by Dynatest in 2017. Additional streets have been added due to situations that have arisen since the Dynatest study was completed.

  1. Baldwin Street (University Ave. to Patteson Dr.) 
  2. Deckers Avenue (Dead End to Kingwood St.)  
  3. E. Brockway Avenue (Rt. 7. to White Ave.)   
  4. Falling Run Road (Protzman St. to Dead End)         
  5. Green Street (Coban St. to Wilson Ave.)   
  6. Junior Avenue (University Ave. to Aspen St.) 
  7. Kingwood Street (Deckers Ave. to Brockway Ave.)
  8. Kirk Street (University Ave. to Spruce St.)           
  9. Cornell Avenue (Willey St. to College Ave.)
  10. North Street (Grove St. to University Ave.)   
  11. Spruce Street (Kirk St. to Pleasant St.)   
  12. Sturgiss Street (Foundry Street to Dead End)   
  13. Wilson Avenue (Grand St. to Lyndhurst St.)  
  14. Avalon St (Dorsey Ave. to Dead End)  
  15. Jacob Street (College Ave. to Cornell Ave.)
  16. Evansdale Drive (University Ave. to 1067 Evansdale Dr.)
  17. Rawley Avenue (Oakland St. to Evansdale Dr.)
  18. Wharf Street (Parking lot to Clay St.)
  19. Hurley Street (Clay St. to University Ave.)
  20. Donley Street (Clay St. to University Ave.)
  21. Clay Street (Donley St. to Wharf St.)

2019 Paving Plan Schedule

Tentative 2019 Paving Plan Timeline 

Project Start Date: May 13, 2019

Completion of Student Sensitive Areas: July 31, 2019

Substantial Completion Date (90% Complete): August 31, 2019

Final Completion Date (Final 10% Complete): September 30, 2019

Paving Plan Map

The map below shows which city streets are scheduled for paving and which were paved in previous years. Click the icon on the top left of the map to show the legend and then check the corresponding paving year you wish to view.

Street Resurfacing
The Engineering Department resurfaces several miles of Morgantown streets each year. Resurfacing is scheduled five years in advance through a carefully organized selection process. The plan is revisited every three years and adjusted as needed.

The Selection Process
The selection process involves input from several different sources. Citizen input, City staff recommendations, as well as an evaluation / rating system maintained by the Engineering Department. All of these contribute to the selection of streets to be resurfaced in the multi-year paving plan.

The Evaluation / Rating System
The City of Morgantown works with an outside contractor, Dynatest, which specializes in roadway pavement distress surveys and analysis. Using a mix of personnel and cutting-edge technology, Dynatest develops a detailed evaluation and rating system of the city streets. Specialized vehicles provide high-resolution imagery of the pavement and test the roads for roughness and rutting. This work allows the City of Morgantown Engineering Department to develop a more detailed, efficient, and cost effective multi-year resurfacing plan.

Required Paving 
Streets that require paving but cannot be added to the current year's list due to budget constraints get priority on the next year's list. If you wish to make a recommendation for a street to be placed on the list, please contact the Engineering Department at 304-284-7412.

Map of City Streets

The map below shows which streets the City of Morgantown is responsible for maintaining. Click the icon on the top left of the map to view the legend.

Previous Paving Lists