Virtual Power Plant

Landlords of multi-family buildings can get paid $100 per year per electric hot water heater, with no startup costs, to participate in this program.


Working with Mosaic Power, Downstream Strategies and the Morgantown Municipal Green Team are recruiting owners and landlords of multi-unit housing in the Morgantown area, who will be paid to connect with Mosaic Power's electric water heater network. Mosaic Power remotely adjusts the timing of water heater power usage so that less electricity is used when the grid is most congested. These small efficiency savings, multiplied over a fleet of many water heaters, enable electric power plants to reduce unnecessary generation and emissions. Mosaic Power connects water heaters together to form a "virtual power plant," sells the electricity savings on the open market, and pays the owners and landlords of multi-unit housing on a quarterly basis.

The income stream from Mosaic Power can be used to offset the cost of efficiency improvements to the multi-unit building, or invested in renewable energy.

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