Student Move-Out Dumpster Program

The Student Move-Out Dumpster Program occurs in the weeks surrounding West Virginia University student move-out in the Spring Semester.


  • May 2-May 15


  • Beverly Avenue
  • Brockway Avenue
  • Garrison Street
  • Grant Avenue
  • McLane Avenue
  • Willey Street

Who Can Participate

This program is solely intended for WVU Students living in University housing areas that have an active and fully paid account with Republic Services. This cleanup is not intended for student’s living in commercial dwellings and is not to be used by any landlords operating Commercial Identified Housing.

Violators will be fined $500.

Landlords are to make special arrangement for extra collections and will be charged for the extra service accordingly. If you live in Commercial Identified Housing and the dumpsters or roll-off boxes are full, please contact the property manager or landlord so they can arrange for the extra pickup. Please DO NOT pile trash in front of or around any containers as this creates unsafe conditions and unnecessary delays for the containers to be removed or dumped.

Special Instructions

All trash is to be placed inside the dumpsters and/or roll-off boxes and NOT stacked outside. If containers are full, the student should find another location or wait until the container is emptied. You are encouraged to use the roll-off containers at the designated locations listed above. However, any trash placed out for pickup at the residence must be bagged and/or boxed. Trash will not be collected unless it is at the curb.

NO vehicle(s) are to park in front of or in the locations designated for the trash containers put on the street.

What will not be accepted
  • Carpet
  • Tree limbs
  • Construction material
  • Car parts
  • Batteries
  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators (unless tagged by a certified technician that the FREON was removed)
  • Paints
  • Tires
  • Hazardous materials
Note: Special Arrangements need made for these items; fees may apply.

Landlords should contact Republic Services Customer Service Department to schedule extra move out collections (fees apply) at 304-366-8900 or 800-696-3173. If the City of Morgantown instructs Republic Services to remove or dump a dumpster or a roll-off container under a Commercial account due to a safety hazard or concern, the Landlord will be charged accordingly.

Rates for Landlords (Commercial Identified Housing) and Commercial establishments:

  • Roll-Off Containers are $250 per haul, plus fees, plus disposal charges.
  • Loose yardage collection at contract rates.

Additional Notes:

  • For further questions concerning move out procedures contact a Republic Services Customer Representative at 304-366-8900 or 800-696-3173.
  • Furniture or other household items that are re-usable are asked to be donated to the United Way Blue and Gold Mine Sale. Please visit West Virginia University United Way Campaign website to obtain information and to obtain a map of drop off locations nearest you.