Other Licenses

Other Possible Applications

  • Home Occupation Application - Conditional-use approval may be required for anyone who wants to open a business in their home within city limits. Contact the Planning Division for further information.
  • Charitable Solicitation Application - Required for any Charities who would like to solicit to raise money within city limits.
  • Commercial Solicitor's and Canvassers' License - Required for any business who will be soliciting or canvassing within city limits.
  • Registration of Hawkers and Peddlers - Must be filled out if you are not a business, but intend to hawk or peddle merchandise within city limits.
  • Application for Bill Poster - Handbill Distributor - Required for any commercial or non-commercial handbills to be distributed within city limits.
  • Application for Business License: Massage Therapy - Required for any Massage Therapist who intends to situate their business within city limits.
  • Sparkler and Novelty Registration - Required for any business that intends to sell sparklers or novelties within city limits.
  • Coin Operated Device Application - Required for any automatic machine business that intends to distribute and manage coin-operated devices within city limits
    • Soda machines, sanitary napkin machines, or other merchandise or service devices
    • Lottery machines, jukeboxes, or other amusement or music devices
    • Washers dryers, or other laundries and wash devices
  • Application for Outdoor Dining - Required for any restaurant that intends to serve its customers on a deck within city limits.