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Posted on: July 11, 2017

2017 Paving Project Nearing Completion

Paving Map Text

The two contracts for the 2017 Paving Project are still on schedule for total completion by August 25, 2017. Anderson Excavating is completing streets in the north side of the City of Morgantown, while Parrotta Paving completes the south side list.

Anderson Excavating has completed paving on all the roads it is responsible for. Crews have also finished installing speed humps on the streets that called for them.

Parrotta Paving's schedule for the remaining southside streets is as follows: 

Saturday, July 15 through Monday, July 17 - Dallas Street, Gem Street, and Locust Street

Tuesday, July 18 through Wednesday, July 26 - South Point Circle

Thursday, July 27 - Speed Hump Installation on Wilson Avenue and Sheldon Avenue

Motorists may run into delays or closures on these roads throughout the time workers are completing paving. City Engineers encourage residents to always use the detours that are made available. Any car parked on a street that has “No Parking” signs posted, will be towed during work.

The 2017 Paving Project is larger than last year’s project with a total of 60 streets, 120 ADA ramps, and a price tag of around $2 Million. The project, as the case last year, is completely funded by the Safe Streets and Safe Communities User Fee.

Anderson Excavating’s deadline for the north side paving is July 28, 2017. The deadline for Parrotta is August 4, 2017 for student sensitive areas and August 25, 2017 for total completion. Student sensitive areas can be found on the 2017 Paving List with an asterisk next to the street name.

Updates are also made daily on the Morgantown City Hall Facebook page and posted to the city’s Twitter page, @Morgantown_WV.

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