Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park Project

On this page you will find project information and updates on the renovations to the Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheater and Riverfront Park.  

Most Recent Update - Oct. 2, 2019

Over the past two weeks, crews have worked on staining and installing large wooden beams for the new amphitheater sunshade. A metal roofing will be placed over the wooden beams as a finishing touch. Work continues on the new restroom facility, which is almost under roof. Work is also ongoing on the concrete and ADA seating at the amphitheater. 

Interior renovations of the depot and future green room are ongoing. Utilities have been installed in the depot, new restroom, and green room buildings. The new depot will feature a police sub station, will call, concession area with food prep, and a public restroom.

Rail-Trail Detour and Parking

The Caperton Trail, in the immediate vicinity of the park, has been detoured.View a map of the detour here. This has been done so that the rail-trail can remain operational throughout construction. Detoured routing signs have been placed to guide trail users. 

Parking in the area will also be affected. Parking between the Depot Building and the Decker’s Creek Trail will be closed during the construction phase to allow for equipment staging. 

Project Overview

In January 2018, the City of Morgantown was awarded a $4.1 million grant from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust for enhancements to the Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park and revitalization of the Walnut Street Landing. 

A picture of the Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheater and Riverfront ParkRenovations to the riverfront park include expansion of the amphitheater stage and seating area, with an addition of canopies above the seats for shade relief. Upgrades to security features and entertainment equipment, among other items, are also included in the plans for the riverfront park renovations. A portion of the grant will go towards creating a police sub-station near the park and making improvements to the historic train depot and restroom facility. The Walnut Street Landing will also see large scale improvements including a new parking lot, landscaping, kayak storage and launch.

With these improvements, the Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park and Walnut Street Landing will become a dynamic multipurpose recreation area better suited to house festivals, large musical acts, and grow into a more extensive community gathering space.

Work is expected to be completed in early 2020.