There's a Code for That...

Morgantown Code Enforcement deals with an array of issues daily. Those issues can vary from season to season. During the Fall, school is in session for WVU and Morgantown’s population nearly doubles.

Fines and citations can be brought to a tenant for many reasons; whether it’s a party that gets out of hand, a lack of knowledge for the specific ordinances within city limits, or bad behavior.

This page updates seasonally to show the most current violations that Code Enforcement Officers are writing citations and fines for. 

Below is a list of the most common violations during the Fall Season.


1. Overcrowding of Dwellings (apartments/houses) – Some apartments and homes were constructed with floor loads of 40 pounds per square foot. Code Enforcement Officers reporting finding up to 400+ students in one residence. Officers say this can easily collapse a floor, leading to severe injuries or death. (Over Stressing Floor Load City Code Section 305.1.1)

2. Trash Violations – Leaving trash of any kind in the yard, on the porch, or near a home anywhere can lead to fines and/or citations. (2015 ICC Property Maintenance Code- Sanitation Section 302.1)

3. Interior furniture outside – Any upholstered furniture is not permitted to be left outside in a yard, on porches, or on patios. (City Ordinance ORD15-1)

4. Use of Exterior, Roofed Areas of Structures – Roofs are not for recreational use. No person other than the owner, licensed contractor, or maintenance personnel (while performing maintenance or other work on the structure) is permitted on any portion of the roof for any reason. (Building and Housing Code Section 1751.04 (h))

Violations to these codes and/or ordinances can result in a fine no less than $100.00 and no more than $500.00.