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Welcome to Morgantown 311

Powered by SeeClickFix, Morgantown 311 is a new and improved way for citizens to reach the City and request help addressing non-emergency concerns. You can use this service to submit the following types of requests:
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • ADA Accessibility Concern
  • Adopt a City Street
  • Animal Abuse
  • Animal Waste/Foul Odor
  • Arson Report Hotline
  • Changes to Existing Structures
  • Criminal Report Hotline
  • Crosswalk Maintenance
  • Curb Painting
  • Dead Animal
  • Garbage Service Issues
  • Leaf Vac
  • Parking Complaints
  • Patrol Requests
  • Pre-Planning Fire Service
  • Property Maintenance Issue
  • Public Records Requests
  • Rental Property Complaints
  • Rental Property Inquiries
  • Report a Zoning Violation
  • Report an Unlicensed Business
  • Report Graffiti
  • Report Vandalism
  • Requests for House Watch
  • Requests for New Address
  • Requests for Zoning Information
  • Safety Training
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Sight Zone Problems
  • Snow/Ice/Debris on Sidewalk
  • Stray Animal
  • Street Light Requests
  • Street Maintenance & Potholes
  • Street Sign Repair/Replacement
  • Tree/Shrub Trimming
Morgantown 311

Submitting Your Request

  • Download the Morgantown 311 app, visit the web portal, or use the widget below.
  • Choose a request category that best fits your concern.
  • Select the location of the issue.
  • Add a photo and description of the issue (optional).
  • Send the request.