Get Involved

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Go green yourself to help the City progress towards a cleaner, safer, healthier, and greener community
  • Create dialogue on what more needs to get done-participate or organize a community forum as part of yearlong Year to Go Green series to engage Morgantown on a range of important current environmental issues
  • Plan and hold other activities and events-or shape those already planned-to help promote sustainability of our air, water, energy, and land
  • Educate the community through How-To Workshops, Talks, Printed and Online Info, etc. on how homes and businesses can save money by becoming greener, healthier, and safer

Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation on Facebook:
  • Talk with your neighbors; Ask questions; find out what other people are doing.

Join the Green Business Coalition

The Green Business Coalition:
  • Any business can join for free regardless of current business practices.
  • Our goal is to open dialogue about sustainability and how you can save by going green.
  • By filling out the checklists online, your business can benefit from positive publicity, advice on becoming more sustainable, and a Shop at Green Business Day. Your answers to the checklist will remain anonymous

Contact the Year to Go Green Organizers on How You or Your Organization Can Get Involved.

  • You may do so in a variety of ways in the coming year!
  • Organize an event, community forum, or other activity related to your environmental concern.
  • Contact Year to Go Green organizers to discuss ideas. Post your event or activity on the Year to Go Green Calendar.