Online Forms & Information Packets

The City of Morgantown continues to add electronic services to our site. Select from the following services available...
  1. Citizens' Request Manager

    Residents can make a request from filling a pot hole to notifying the Police of graffiti through filling out one of the hundred forms. Each request provides a request number that can be tracked to completion.

  2. FAQs

    You can view our frequently asked questions for our city departments on our government systems website.

  3. Latest Resident Alerts & Notices

    Get immediate announcements for important information such as warnings of natural disasters sent to your phone through email or text message.

  4. Neighborhood Zoning Notifications

    The first notice of upcoming actions presented to the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals identified by neighborhood.

  5. Special Event Permits, Vending & Recycling

    Browse through a list of permits, information about vending, and recycling in Morgantown.

  6. Streaming Public Meetings

    Monthly meetings of City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Traffic Commission, Morgantown Utility Board, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (every other month) are available to view live or archived online.

  7. View Information for Morgantown Market Place

    View facility information, reservation requirements, and contact info for the Morgantown Market Place.