Clean Community Concept

Letter From City

Dear Resident of the City of Morgantown:
The City of Morgantown has recently entered into a new five-year refuse and recycling contract with its current service provider, Republic Waste Services of West Virginia, formerly Republic Services Services. A noteworthy point of the new agreement is how the community can promote better recycling by its residents and businesses. For the past four years, many groups throughout the community participated in meetings to discuss and review solid waste and recycling service options for the residents and businesses. As a result, Morgantown's City Council made a decision to implement a citywide automated "cart" recycling service. The program has been established as "Morgantown's Clean Community Concept."

Communities that moved to a "cart" recycling program have seen recycling participation increase by more than an astounding 25% and the actual materials recovered for reuse increase more than 85%.


Republic Services Customer Contract (PDF) (effective October 2012)

Senior Citizens Only

Please fill out the 35-gallon recycling chart form if you find that your recycling cart is far too big for the amount of recycling that you accumulate in a week period. Form must be returned no later than October 5, 2012.

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