Safe Streets & Safe Community Fee


The goal of the Safe Streets and Safe Community Service Fee (Municipal Service Fee) is to improve the safety of the City by better maintaining City streets and improving the level of police protection in residential areas, business districts and throughout the City. View a map of the City limits.

Fee Breakdown

The Safe Streets and Safe Community Service Fee is $3.00 each week for those working within city limits. The breakdown below shows how much of your $3.00 goes to each of the designated areas. You can also view our infographic "Where Does My Money Go?" which shows where all of your city taxes go.

$1.23/week - Police
$1.20/week - Streets
$0.57/week - Public Works
  1. Background
  2. Street Maintenance
  3. Police Protection
  4. Estimated Revenue
  5. Estimated Cost


Under West Virginia State Code 8-13-13, a municipality which furnishes any essential or special services, including, but not limited to, police and fire protection, parks and recreational facilities, street maintenance and garbage disposal services, has the authority to impose, by ordinance, upon service users a reasonable rate, fee or charge to be collected in a manner specified in the ordinance. The Safe Streets and Safe Communities was enacted the week of January 1, 2016. 


Based on 2010 census information regarding the commuting population, Morgantown's estimated population is 29,076. Of that population, Census figures suggest that 12,160 also work in the City. In addition, it was estimated that another 20,487 people work in the City that do not live in the City. Based on those numbers, the Census Bureau estimates the daytime population to be 49,563 in the City of Morgantown. Their numbers do not include students, visitors, or tourists. It is estimated that the daytime population increases by approximately 70% just due to commuters from outside the city. All residents, workers employed, and visitors within the City of Morgantown expect to be provided city services for well-maintained streets and adequate necessary police protection.


In November 2014, a task-to-man hour analysis showed City Council the capital and personnel needs of city departments. This analysis found that most employees were doing the job of multiple positions. To prioritize the needs, a telephone and online survey was conducted to ask residents where resources should be spent to improve services. Residents voted in favor of using the funds for street maintenance and police protection. This made the goal of the Safe Streets and Safe Communities Service Fee to improve the safety of driving on city streets by increasing the maintenance level and resurfacing of city streets, and improve police protection by enhancing the police department and the level of police protection in residential neighborhoods, business districts, and throughout the city.

Establishing Documents