Areas for Future Study

The 2013 Comprehensive Plan Update identified several "Areas for Future Study" - area in which existing zoning does not align with the existing land uses or the existing pattern of development. These areas may also be locations where the existing zoning is not compatible with or does not fully support the desired future of the area as indicated in the Comprehensive Plan's Land Management Map (PDF).

Small Area Planning

In May 2015, the Morgantown Planning Commission adopted a set of guidelines to develop small area plans for the several "Areas for Future Study" identified in the 2013 Comprehensive Plan Update. Small area planning is a method to engage stakeholder involvement to develop land use policies (zoning text and/or zoning map amendments) within a defined geographic area for the purpose of advancing the goals, objectives, strategies, and consistency principles of the Update and enhancing the quality of life of each distinct neighborhood.

Small Area Plan

A "Small Area Plan" is a neighborhood - level plan that addresses land use, transportation, and a variety of other topics. For each "Area for Future Study," a plan will be developed that is adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council.

Future Study Areas

The diverse nature of each of the "Future Study Areas" will dictate the amount of time and effort necessary to develop small area plans for each location, as some of these areas will require more extensive study and planning analysis than others.

Note: This page will serve as the repository for information and documents relating to each of the "Areas for Future Study" where a "Small Area Plan" has been initiated.
  1. Future Study Area 17
  2. Future Study Area 2

Future Study Area 17 - Darst & Jerome Street

"Future Study Area 17" is generally described as those parcels bordering Darst Street and Jerome Street that are currently zoned at R-1, Single-Family Residential District. According to the 2013 Comprehensive Plan Update, Area 17 is predominantly vacant, undeveloped land with steep slopes subdivided into smaller, residentially scaled parcels. The Comprehensive Plan recommends an evaluation of denser single-family development opportunities. The Future Study Area 17 - Final Revised Recommendations Report (PDF) will be presented to the Planning Commission on Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 389 Spruce Street.

Note: This page serves as the repository for information and documents relating to the small area planning process for "Future Study Area 17."

Clip of Area 17

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The video is showing R-1A single-family residential development patterns.