Participate on a Commission

For more information about City Commissions, or to declare you interest in participating, contact the City Clerk's Office at 304-284-7434.

Interested parties can also apply to serve on a board or commission by completing the form found on Request Partner.
  1. Building Commission

    View a list of Building Commission members.

  2. Historic Landmarks Commission

    Look through a list of members, meeting information, and historic structures and districts.

  3. Housing Advisory Commission

    Here you can find a list of commission members, the functions of the commission, and agendas and minutes.

  4. Human Rights Commission

    The purpose of the Human Rights Commission is to provide leadership for addressing community interaction and fairness concerns.

  5. Fire Civil Service Commission

    Read through the rules and regulations for the Fire Civil Service Commission members to follow and a list of members.

  6. Metropolitan Theatre Commission

    The Metropolitan Theatre Commission's mission is to establish policies and procedures on the management of the Theatre.

  7. Museum Commission

    View our meeting information, agendas and minutes, and a list of our commission members.

  8. Planning Commission

    To advise the City Manager and City Council on current and future land use planning and development issues, with meaningful citizen input and technical support from the Morgantown Planning Department.

  9. Police Civil Service Commission

    It shall be the duty of the Commission to adopt, amend and enforce a code of rules for examinations for positions in the police service of the City of Morgantown and for the appointments and promotions therein, and it may amend the same from time to time or may temporarily suspend any of the provisions of the rules upon giving due notification and publication of such amendment or temporary suspension in the manner provided by law.

  10. Sister Cities Commission

    The mission of the Sister Cities program, and the MSSC, is to “promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time.”

  11. Traffic Commission

    The duties of the Traffic Commission are to act as an advisory board on matters relating to the movement and regulation of traffic within the City.

  12. Urban Landscape Commission

    Promote an aesthetically attractive environment in the public and private sectors of the City of Morgantown.

  13. Ward & Boundary Commission

    This Commission aids to offer recommendations as they might apply to ward and boundary adjustments. They meet intermittently in Morgantown City Council Chambers.

  14. Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission

    The Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission's goal is to guide City decisions regarding the former Woodburn Elementary School.